The Skye Van Bloem
Young Adult Sci-fi Fantasy with Environmental Themes
Book One: Countdown
Book Two: Holding
Book Three: Launch
The fate of the planet hinges on the words of one girl.

Skye Van Bloem, barely eighteen, is angry about the environmental crisis, but she didn’t create
it, and she isn’t responsible for fixing it. Now, the animals of Earth are finally having a say in the
future of the planet. Assisted by the Beholders—aliens from a distant planet—the animals are
poised to take a vote on the fate of humans.

Aided by her two friends, Skye is the only one who can convince the animals that humans can
change and start protecting the environment, instead of destroying it. But how can she persuade
them when she doesn’t believe it’s really possible?

She’s not alone. A snarky prairie dog named Starion has offered to help, but he isn’t what he
appears to be. But Skye isn’t either, and Starion knows her dark secret. He’s been watching her
for years, and there’s a problem.

He’s in love with her.

The countdown has started.